new york, 2011 | happy new year

new york, 2011 | grd iii


and peace on earth.

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上海,2009 |  七浦路的女

shanghai, 2009 | contax t3 | provia 400 @ iso 1600


go see the  girls of the “cheap road”, fall in love and know china better.

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new york, 2007 | soho

new york, 2007 | mamiya rb67 | sekor 90mm f/3.8 | polaroid 664


soho (south of houston street, not Small Office Home Office) is much different today from its storied past as host to artists. nevertheless its exterior at least are well preserved and respected by the city and commerce alike. a good place for charming pictures of lower manhattan streets.

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new york, 2007 | seagull

new york, 2007 | nikon 40x | 18 - 70 mm f3.5


yingying asked me why am i making this blog into a photolog while i already have a flickr account with 1300+ pictures. i can only say that i don’t like how my pictures looked on flickr pages. that’s true enough but i am also not good with words. the hope is that the pictures are loud enough. if you like to check out my flickr stream which got started back in 2007 with the seagull picture above, it is at

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new york, 2009 | cortlandt alley

new york, 2009 | nikon f3hp | nikkor 105mm f2.5 ai | provia 100f


the nikkor 105mm is even better lens with color pictures. rich and dark as in fine arts oil paintings. this was at cortlandt alley near new york chinatown. below is another one i took a year earlier from the same spot with the yashica tlr mat 124g.

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new york, 2007 | rush hour

new york, 2007 | nikon 40x | nikkor 105mm f2.5 ai


this was taken in the fall of 2007 during the early evening rush hours. the place is in middle town manhattan on the 42nd street near grand central terminal. on weekdays during rush hours, the grand central is as busy and crowded as new york can be.

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